do you have any idea how hard it is to line that shot up? and if it wasn’t supposed to be there they would have taken one look at the dailies and had a reshoot. so like, yeah. “uninentional.” 


do you have any idea how hard it is to line that shot up? and if it wasn’t supposed to be there they would have taken one look at the dailies and had a reshoot. so like, yeah. “uninentional.” 

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Anonymous said: is the unbearable whiteness of the show part of the boycott reason manifesto thing?

yes. and not just whiteness as the normative framework but Blackness and Brownness as evil and in need of punishment. I wasn’t watching OUaT very much anymore when Tamara was killed but the idea of her death started giving me a headache when 1. Regina was treated like a punching bag in fights with Zelena and 2. OQ fans circulated an image of Marian with a noose.

Originally I’d had the distracting thought that PHEW thank goodness Sonequa Martin-Green moved on to the Walking Dead (then I got worried there of course because nobody survives that show) and I’d also been so uncomfortable with her relationship with Neal because I felt like they might have been gearing up for something awful like him punishing her for lying…screaming at her and shit…but then I realized that what they did with Gold was pretty much what I’d been afraid of anyway. I’d let my cringing and refusal to watch closely, distract me from the depths of what OUaT was up to.

didn’t someone say something about the ‘lowest common denominator’ at some point? I mean really, why are they drawing the worst possible thinking that they can possibly evoke? I’m just sort of stunned at how well they’ve manipulated the rest of us also. I mean I’m stunned at how well I was manipulated, really.  


"lesbian witch hunt shit"

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I am a die hard Swan Queen shipper, but I’ll be honest, Swan Queen (and even the likelihood the Swan Queen will never happen) is not what upsets and hurts me most about OUAT.

The treatment of Mulan as a queer character is.

What’s sad, is that the writers probably don’t even realize it.

In an…

LOL, let’s just be honest. The persistence of lesbophobia in the SQ fandom, including among those who invented multiple accounts just to promote the heterosexist invention of OQ, is what is leading to a lot of this ‘don’t boycott you’ll embarrass us all’ anon trolling. 

It’s easy to divide an already divided fandom.

That all being said, I think that we still need a list of concerns. The Kalinda Vasquez letter is what really triggered all of this. For a producer to say ‘dear duckling’ or some damn thing (weird) and make light of the lack of ‘gays’ on television one moment, only to tell a committed fandom that it ain’t happening despite the lack of the gays is…it’s just insulting. The AE interview was a minor let-down and now there’s this. 

Clear information is important, much moreso than the opinions of bullying spammers who are obviously trolling the tag in order to spread misinformation.

For those who don’t want to boycott? Write fan fiction, do art, you’re still doing your own thing and people are going to be really happy with that. 

It’s shocking to me how in 2012, 2013, 2014, a television show was able to queerbait and then erase us so quickly with queer-identified people defending it for doing so. 

Everybody deserves better than this kind of mistreatment and the larger movement is really far beyond ouat, it’s about representation in media over the long term. 


Fan Art!

If there aren’t enough SQ fans to make a dent in ratings then why does Adam troll us and why do CS/OQ shippers harass us when we threaten to stop watching the show entirely?





#SwanQueen isn’t a bad thing to trend either.

I don’t see how trending Swan Queen and trending 3 Days of Silence and trending even the boycott can’t all just be done.

Just do what you want, how about that strategy?

But no hashtagging of ouat, no promoting the show, etc.


Note that Nielsen ratings are based on “top hashtags.” Hashtags plural. So, tweeting #SwanQueen will benefit them — it’s one of the known hashtags associated with OUAT. 

The key to this protest is, before the event, to communicate with the show’s creators and with all twitter accounts associated with ABC & ABC PR, producers, writers, etc. Make them aware that it is happening in a peaceable manner. Then, to tweet and trend specifically about the cause rather than anything related to the show. Otherwise, in making noise about the negative aspects of OUAT, we’re still giving them what they want and need. Furthermore, if we choose one specific hashtag and trend constantly, it will get noticed. There’s strength in having one organized group, rather than being divided — our strength/influence is determined by the number of unique authors that tweet. 

Here are some resources that can help everyone understand how the social media ratings work:

Great information!

Still no consensus on what to actually trend. 

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And really, at the end of the day, they are family.

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For those planning to boycott/protest/whatevernegativething Once…

Please remember that you are doing so for yourself. You are not representative of the entire ship or how all the shippers feel, so please do not represent yourself as boycotting in the name of Swan Queen. Just because you feel the…

This is interesting.

So where did you get the idea of ‘SWEN’ from? Or Swan Queen in general? 

Aren’t these collective concepts? 

Anonymous said: how would a boycott help? There are not enough sq fans to make a difference rating wise and some people myself included still enjoy other parts of the show. I don't want to stop watching the show just because sq isn't going to happen. I still ship it, but it's becoming a bit too political. Is is a bad thing to just enjoy sq and still enjoy the show? why do these have to be exclusive?


boycotts serve two purposes.

the first is literal economic damage to the thing you are boycotting. ordinarily, i’d say that any online fanbase isn’t going to make enough of a dent in the ratings to make a difference. but OUAT is already so precarious that we just might. their numbers are plummeting, and they got renewed quite late. our fraction of a point could do it. 

the second is reputational harm. that’s where a boycott could hit OUAT, and ABC, much harder. if they were to become known as the no homo, misogynist, racist, queerbaiting, rape culture show/network? that would have cascade effects. 

because of how television makes money (ad dollars based on ratings), you don’t actually have to stop watching the show—just stop watching it in ways they can measure. if you get it over the air broadcast and don’t have a Nielsen box, you’re in the clear. if you get it via cable or legal streaming, you would have to wait until after the “airdate +3” window they use to measure. and don’t mention them on Twitter or Facebook either. think of it as a strike withholding your ad-watching and promotional labor. 

however, it is very important to clarify: almost no one is proposing that people “stop watching the show just because sq isn’t going to happen.” they’re proposing the boycott:

  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with talking a big game on modern fairytales and then not delivering
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with saying that happy endings are only for straight (almost entirely) white people
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with presenting stalking and not taking “no” for an answer as romantic
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with the incredible levels of misogyny and violence against women this show routinizes
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with having all characters of color be minor and fleeting or villainous
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with having lied to us, by omission and commission, for years, to avoid exactly this backlash
  • because we don’t want OUAT/ABC to get away with giving us the same old shit in a new package. 

(look, y’all, a stab at a manifesto)

whether you want to continue watching the show and enjoying it is ultimately a personal decision. while i know how important canon SQ would be in the grand scheme of things, personally that’s not anything i am mad about. the other shit? that’s worth burning this thing to the ground. 

well see: exquisitliltart said: here here!

if exquisit is back and telling me that I’m on the right track, then I feel like I must be:)